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Welcome to our community!

A LETTER FROM FATHER WALTERScreen shot 2016-04-15 at 5.13.05 PM
This is my first letter in what I hope will be an ongoing conversation with you, a way to grow together in faith and love, providing a deep and lasting connection between you and your church. Marriage is a journey that we make together, with other couples who share our same vision and values. We have to stick together to support each other in this journey, which at times could become very hard in a society which does not value the same vision. We invite you to be part of our community!

What we have in mind is simple – Online
– We’ll send you some messages about marriage and family life.
– We’ll offer links to resources that can help us in our Christian Formation.

In Person – We’d like to develop a community of lasting friendships and support in our vocations as members of families. We’ll start by inviting you to some simple dinners together here at Pompeii. And we’d like to invite you to The Way! See below!

WE ARE PLANNING A FEBRUARY EVENT: On the occasion of St. Valentine we invite back ALL couples from our neighrborhood (married at OLP or not) for a celebration of their wedding. Call the parish for more information.

Screen shot 2016-04-15 at 5.13.26 PMWE ALREADY HAVE GOOD NEWS!
At Our Lady of Pompeii we are organizing a series of conferences on FAITH and FAMILY LIFE. The movement is called THE WAY and has brought a great renewal of faith and community all over the World. We are blessed to have our chapter of The Way seeded by a Priest alongside families and couples from Philadelphia. They will be teaching and growing with us in faith twice a week for two months. We invite you to come to The Way on Monday and Thursday nights at 8:00 pm starting April 18.

For more information please visit

Evelyn Polesny is the coordinator of the YOUNG FAMILIES MINISTRY in our parish. If you have questions about the group or if you would like any kind of support with marriage or family issues or if a friend would like to join this mailing list, you may write to her at