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A Message from Father Walter

la-fugaIn a couple of weeks we will celebrate once more the birth of our SAVIOR 
A historic fact, that happens every year for 2017 years. Christmas means “the day of birth” of Christ. Christmas also signifies to us “our birth day”, because we want to be reborn into a better life. And the better life is that of Baby Jesus. Let’s look at this baby and we already feel better; let’ listen to this baby and we will be more secure in our walk of life; let’s kiss this baby and we will remain full of love. Christmas brings us joy and so let’s pray that in this season we can all feel good and close; so that war can finish in all the parts of the word and peace can return in our hearts. If there is no peace in our hearts there cannot be peace in the world. With angels let’s sing together:


Marry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Fr. Walter

Fr. Walter
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