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A Message from Father Walter


I just returned from ROME – MEDJUGORIE – COLLEVALENZA – ASSISI – CORATO – SAN GIOVANNI ROTONDO and SAN MICHELE ARCANGELO. I can say that I feel “recharged.” And as if I had taken a spiritual holiday. Rome is always a necessary stop and especially the appointment at the general audience with the Pope Francis.


He exudes an electricity that makes you jump for joy. You can feel a love arrow go straight to your heart. That man has th power to embrace everyone. We also went to the catacombs of Priscilla, where 40,000 Christians, 400 martyrs and seven popes were buried. Then of course the HOLY DOOR and that duty in this year of Mercy. Medjugorje, the second great stop, that every year I try to visit, because for me it feels like a return “home”. There ‘s always the embrace of the Mother who welcomes you with such tenderness. I have been many times to Medjugorje, but I still feel the need to go every year, almost a “medical check-up”!

This year I confessed myself to a Franciscan and he told me to bring Medjugorje in Manhattan. Let’s see if I can! Nothing esoteric, no dancing sun, no miracles … But many young people changing their path to begin a new life.


Then LUISA PICCARRETA and PADRE PIO. Puglia brandits beautiful nature bring you to to a mystical level. In Corato a simple woman wrote 36 books inspired by the Lord, her writings are still being studied by theologians of the Vatican; It presents us with a new spirituality of the ‘Divine Will’ and it is as ancient as the creation of Adam and the Lord’s Prayer of Jesus. And then PADRE PIO continues to convert and heal, as it did 50 years ago in San Giovanni Rotondo.

If you’ve went on a pilgrimage, do yourself a favor and go! It’s a experience that will remain with you for a lifetime.

Fr. Walter

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