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Message from Father Walter

I did not speak a lot about our Holy Father, Pope Francis, but before I go, I would like to give you my last feelings. Our Pope Francis is a “martyr”. He was put at the head of our Church by Christ Himself who wants to renew His Church. Jesus has gone to the ends of the world to pick him up and bring him to Rome. Jesus asked Benedict XVI to leave the chair of Peter in order to put Francis as the head of His new church. HE IS OUR SHEPHERD during these times of trial and error! He is not understood even by his own cardinals! He is criticized especially by the Catholics who think they know better than him. But most of all, many Catholics are opposing the new direction he is giving to the new church. A church which was becoming irrelevant to the world; a church marred by horrible stains of sin and abuse; a church which was locked up in the smelling sacristies of old churches; a closed church that was not allowing people to come in to meet their Lord! This is the Church in which I grew up and which I still love dearly; but because I love the Church I love our Pope Francis; and even though sometimes I am a bit confused, I trust that he will guide me toward the truth of Jesus Christ, toward a new Church which will become again the light of the world.

A final word on the debated encyclical, “Amoris Letitia”. As it happened in “Humanae Vitae” of Pope Paul VI, this document is prophetic. Maybe we do not understand it now; maybe it looks contradictory now, but in the future this document will help thousands of catholic families, who are going through pain and division now. I have seen personally the good that this document has already done in many families of our community; and following what Jesus said: only a good tree can bring good fruits.

Dear brothers and sisters, let us love our Pope. He has a responsibility, which no human being can bear! He is the guide and shepherd of the whole world. He is the hope for the poor and migrants. He is the voice of the meek and humble! By loving Pope Francis we love Jesus himself, who has put him as His representative here on earth. St. Catherine of Siena used to call the pope: “Il  dolce Cristo in terra!”

Let us pray, love and support our pope; and when we do not understand, instead of criticizing him,

let us pray for him and


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