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Message from Father Mark

There are times that I find myself particularly contemplative. Somehow I wander back to the past and dwell on it with some connection issues pertinent to my relationship. There are revelations that fill the void left behind by departures in my life. But like anybody else, I have been drawn to think about my behavioral pattern that demonstrates the kind of personality I have. I may still have so many miles to cross, so many schedules to coordinate and all those stuffs and yet, I still wander what I would become then; what I would have to achieve as my presence in this community may entail. Surely, there’s going to have a variety of encounters with people that I have to deal with.

Ministry is about relationships. It evokes a sense of direction, a sense of purpose, and a sense of sacrifice. Through time and space I have to figure out that kind of perspective that suits the majority; clarity that best describes the identity of my community – its background and history.

As I embrace the reality where I am now, Jesus’ command to love continues to echo like an inner voice that speaks volumes about the meaning of my priesthood. Its evolving nature to teach, govern, and sanctify reflects in my ministry. It flows through and shapes me from within. I take it as the centerpiece of my mission; the essence of being in the world with others– to love. Its central message, however requires me to love my neighbor, e.g., my people in the community regardless of cultures, principles, or beliefs.

I remember Jesus’s encounter with Peter in John 21. Peter has denied Jesus. He has chosen to live within the world where the tyrants triumph in the end. But, with Easter, Peter is called to live in a new world defined by a new kind of love. It is love that aligns to the plan of God – to form believers into a community of disciples. It is love that believes in harmony, in healing of relationship where the wounds of everyone can become God’s location of grace.

Fr Mark Escobar, c.s.

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