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A Message from Father Walter

More and more frequently we find ourselves living in a virtual world (eg. Pokemon), and this damages the real life of many people. That means that we’re not able to discern what is real and what is, fantasy. Many young people are deceived by thinking that one day fantasy will become ‘reality’ and that their dreams will be realized. Unfortunately this doesn’t happen because dreams are not reality and unfortunately many people chase after these chimaeras for years, only to realize that their life vanished away. I met people aged 70 who still run after their childish dreams! This virtual reality does not allow us to face the truth therefore many people remain always old, big kids!

On the contrary to the popular belief, the spiritual reality is not virtual. Actually it’s in the center of human reality. The spiritual life gets nourished by the prayer, that becomes the engine of any real and wise human life. Prayer is like an internet link that connects us with the heavenly “cloud”. Only through this spiritual link we can connect with the rest of the world; without this spiritual link (prayer) there’s no connection.

Why don’t we try to connect ourselves for 10 minutes alone in the church (where there is signal for all us) and then don’t you tell me what did you find in the “cloud”?

Fr. Walter


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