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A Message from Father Walter

Resurrection3-600x405HAPPY EASTER.
In the uncertainty of this moment in our history, we can only look at the Resurrection of Jesus, the only certainty that can give us hope.
Let us ask God to bring hope back again to humanity. But we Christians are the first ones to believe in it and to live it.

It is difficult to believe in the resurrection today, but we Christians have an historical proof, which becomes real every year, when we celebrate Easter.

Do you prefer to remain in depression or do you want to believe in a new life? At times it is easier to sit in darkness and complain about evil than to stand up and walk in light. It is easy sometimes to do nothing, instead of searching in the recesses of our heart and find the last breath of life.

I found people that prefer to remain unhappy, instead of searching for Joy. We can only say one think: Jesus came out of a tomb, and He wants now you out of your tomb. Enough with self-pity, go to a good confession and then with the bread of new life, walk straight into your future.
Joy an blessings from the risen Lord.

Fr. Walter

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