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A Message from Father Walter

Obama-2012-InaugurationIn the United States of America this Friday we will have a new president. I have been in this country for 42 years, and I have to say that I have never seen a more difficult and divided election than this one.

Surely we have many reasons to be worried, we all have our own ideas and visions, but now we have a president; we have to help him to guide our country and draw a plan for our future. It does not matter which person is in the White House; what matters now is that our country be united and move on its real mission for the world.

The United States has always been the guiding star for the civilized world; this is part of our mission in history; we have been the driving force in the world for decades, precisely because we have been a “united” nation.

Actions speak louder than words! We had a lot of words during the campaign; it is time now to come to real actions. The greatest victory of all would be to unite our nation, so that it becomes again (not so much great) but the guiding force for peace and justice in this troubled world.

United we stand! Divided we fall! (and with us the rest of the world will fall).


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