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A Message from Father Walter


lentOur country is in turmoil; our church is attacked from many sides; our life in New York is harder and harder…. Jesus we need you, come soon! As Christians we are preparing for the celebration of our salvation, through the passion, death and resurrection of Christ. But how do we prepare?

The tradition of the Catholic Church invites us to prayer, fasting and acts of Charity. As individuals we have gone astray and need to regain our inner self. I believe that the three traditional ways of spiritual exercise are important, but let me suggest some other ways in order to concentrate in our life and prepare for EASTER.

To regain our own inner self, we need to close and stop a lot of distractions which come from the outside. We have to become friendly with ourselves; we have to heal our inner wounds; in a word we have to be OURSELVES and not allow the external world to condition our life.

So you can:

– Turn the TV off for a week or two, or maybe for the whole lent till April 15.
– Close Facebook for a day or two a week; or for the whole Lent.
– Do not gossip, especially about your friends.
– Bread and water only for Wednesday and Friday till April 15.
– Daily Mass
– One hour of silent prayer in a church once a week.

But most of all: If you have a grudge with someone, please call and go to visit them, so you can clean your heart and mind; and “you will see the face of God.”

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